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> This stuff isn't hard. It's worth doing right.

Can you provide an article as equally succinct as the OP's that provides this information? Your list is painfully devoid of anything of true value. Since it's not hard, and worth doing right, I imagine something should already be written.

This is an excellent request. Reading through all the comments here, it seems like a lot of people are feeling frustrated with the variety of information available and no clear way to discern what is "good".

I don't typically publish writings, but this seems like a good place to start. I'll write something up and post it here for the same critique that we've given Bryan :-)

In the meantime, a decent source of generalized (not succinct) Ops-type knowledge can be found here: http://www.opsschool.org/en/latest/

Thanks! I really appreciate it. All to often we are quick to criticize someone for missing information without any willingness to back it up with better, correct information. The jokes goes that the best way to get an answer is to publish the wrong one. =)

That site is useless, sample pages I looked contained brief overview paragraphs and no real content. Many contained "todo" items.

So you criticised the original article, but when asked to provide information or advice of your own merely came up with something entirely content free. The original article provided succint, useful advice, something you have failed to do.

First, pick a CM package.

This depends entirely upon your level of masochism and the kind of language youlike scripting in, as literally anything will do. Even shell scripts. Even Makefiles. Whatever you're most comfortable with, just start writing out configs. (you will eventually come to hate your job if you allow non-programmers to script/program in your CM, but blah blah keep shipping blah blah) Break it all out intoa wide hirearchy so you can reuse some bits in other bits.

Hey look, I wrote a crappy one! https://github.com/psypete/public-bin/tree/public-bin/src/si...

Next we implement the OP's comments.

Hey look, I already implemented it in my crappy CM tool! https://github.com/psypete/public-bin/tree/public-bin/src/si...

First push your CM tool and configs to the host:

  scp -r simplecfm-0.2 remote-host:
Then run the main config file which calls the others:

  ssh remote-host "cd simplecfm-0.2/ ; perl simplecfm examples/first-five-minutes/main.scfm"
Aaaaand you're done. Of course I haven't tested these configs and something will probably break (most likely my crappy code) but you'll get the idea from looking at the examples.

If Bastille was still in working order, I'd recommend it as a very good starting point for locking down a configuration. Actual configuration deployment setups I don't put much stock in because I'm not managing enough machines for it to be worthwhile. Would love to hear from someone who manages a large farm/cluster/VM hosting on a very clean and straightforward way to manage configurations. Last I looked, most setups were custom, or some hobbled together packages that didn't "hang" together very well.

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