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That isn't true. As another commenter noted, I work for Koordinates. Our top data users, by far, are Engineering and planning consultancies, architects and universities.

The first step to releasing data is releasing the data. 3rd party applications are nice to have, but they second-guess the use case. A developer can grab some data and use it to build an app, regardless of the source. But github is a blocker for the vast majority of the audience that is interested in ad hoc analysis, for whatever reason.

OTOH, GitHub does have an API and automate-able mechanisms for submitting pull requests. An app could definitely be built simply for displaying relevant (say, nearby location of mobile device) information and allowing the user to correct any mistakes they see and pushing that as a request for fixing it.

The first step to releasing data is releasing the data.

And they released the data. I still am not understanding what the problem is with github. You don't HAVE to code to grab the data.

I agree. GitHub gives developer access, but at the same time the source can be browsed, linked to, or downloaded as a zip. Too easy.

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