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I knew these kind of answers would pop up, I had one sentence predicting this in my text, but erased it to let the magic happen.

Are you able to realize that it is, of many options you have, the dumbest possibility to just burp a simple "it works here". Would you answer this on a bugreport?

I assume, it was an ironic answer, in this case I congrat you for holding the mastership of the highest art of subtile trolling, very inspriring.

In fact you are simulating the typical xtreme-dumb answers perfectly, that are received on "bad-font-whining" regularly - this is exactly the reason why we need a major bad-font-campaign, because this is not only a technical problem, but the roots seem to be hidden in a deeper socio-techno-cultural level of our brains - that "systems are getting too complex"-stuff leads in the end to the human brain regressing strongly in certain areas to amoeba-state.

> Would you answer this on a bug report?

If I was unable reproduce the bug with the information given, it seems reasonable to mention that. Also, the effort required by the bug reporter to mention basic information on the setup they use is much less than for a web developer to boot up 5 different systems (including iOS and Android) to test out each major browser in them.

I'll have you know that I have been wary of using non-default fonts because of these reports.

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