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Is there a way to download your Evernote data? Not to say that I find this an opportunity to bash Evernote, but I am terribly disappointed that a service that advertised you to keep really personal stuff, even your tax info on their servers just got hacked.

I think I'm going back to creating .txt files on my desktop which no one else has access to (physcially and programatically), which despite having no encryption or whatsoever is still secure than having them on a third party server that could get hacked like this, because they advertise one thing and do exactly the opposite.

The desktop client has a "Export Notes" function that will export to HTML or their custom format. I use this to make a local backup occasionally.

Note that for some reason this option is only available in the Windows client. I had to boot into Windows on my macbook to do the export a few weeks ago.

For regular backups I use time machine which includes the user data folder: https://support.evernote.com/link/portal/16051/16058/Article...

And if you're on Linux, Nevernote can sync and then export in a format.

Thank you! Just took a backup with the desktop tool..

Well, don't do that. At least stick it in truecrypt

Thanks, that's a pretty neat idea :)

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