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isn't that too long just for


I've often wondered what all those extra bits of information mean and whether there's information encoded in there that I may not want to give someone.

If it has to be short, I like http://goo.gl/e#q=stack+overflow

That link sadly does not work for me who uses iGoogle (for now) on google.co.uk.

If it's a short URL you want, then http://bit.ly/YUJZLu. But you'll have to trust me when you click that as you've no idea where it'll take you to.

Right click and copy link, paste into address bar, add a + to the end to see where it goes.


And that doesn't work on mobile, because they have a "forgetful" mobile site :(

Google results can dramatically change based on various parameters (location/time/browser/history/whatever-new-they-are-testing.) They presumably cram all this info into the search bar in case you want to repro the results.

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