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There is a bit of neomania in this view. The keyboard has been with us for many years, which only strengthens that case that it will continue to be with us for many to come. Even touch screens use a tactile keyboard. If you take that further and think about the history of humans using their hands to express themselves, it goes back to all of written history (further if you include cave paintings, etc.). I'm sure non-tactile manipulation will be very important, but it doesn't have the history necessary to make solid predictions about its level of importance in the future.

"For the perishable, every additional day in its life translates into a shorter additional life expectancy. For the nonperishable, every additional day may imply a longer life expectancy. So the longer a technology lives, the longer it can be expected to live." -Taleb

Possibly. But look at the prevalence of voice-driven command support in mobile devices. Once machines get better at determining context and things like proper nouns we'll see where that goes.

It'll be interesting to see what happens to the keyboard when voice processing gets good enough that we can do purely voice-driven programming for the majority of what we need.

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