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Stack Overflow ranks #1 for Bing Search for "Stack Overflow".

People actually use Bing?

Yes. And DuckDuckGo. And Google.

Why give all your searches to one search engine and one company?

Depending on what you're searching for, Google doesn't always provide the best results.

Google almost universally provides the best results if you are actually searching for something.

Compare the results for queries like "that movie where a computer plays tic tac toe" A very reasonable search if you forget what the name of War Games is, but bing fails it utterly and completely; not a single mention of War Games until the second results page, and the wikipedia page for it doesn't appear until the third. Meanwhile on google the first results page barely has anything that isn't about War Games.

Now, if you just search "War Games" both will do fine. For that matter, so does Wikipedia's builtin search...

You can push it even further and get more vague, something like "that car that james may goes fast in" and while at that point google starts to degrade, it still easily beats out bing.

Suppose I am looking for "that movie with a button". Yup, google get's it, "The Box". Bing thinks I am thinking of Benjamin Button, which was google's second suggestion (I wasn't). Fair enough though, suppose I actually had been thinking about "that movie where the guy get's younger". Both google and bing don't do great, though google still definitively does better.

> Suppose I am looking for "that movie with a button". Yup, google get's it, "The Box". Bing thinks I am thinking of Benjamin Button, which was google's second suggestion

Hm. There is no one google. In the google that I see, for that search, it's the other way around: "Benjamin Button" is #1, and "The Box" is #2 (both on IMDB).

Life before search engines was different and it's easy to be blasé. IMHO, getting the one that you are vaguely thinking of anywhere in the top 5 is a great and amazing technical feat. And also good enough to jog your memory, so #1 or #2 makes no difference.

How do you allocate your searches? Does the better quality of results justify the inconvenience of using several engines or is there a mechanism I'm unaware of?

Well, most of the time I already know the site best suited for my queries (e.g., SO for programming, amazon for shopping, wikipedia for facts, Wolfram Alpha for calculations etc), so DuckDuckGo's bang syntax really comes in handy. Google is astonishingly good at parsing vague queries, but otherwise DDG or Bing are pretty much OK.

I've tried using Bing several times in the past just to give them a fair chance, but every time came back to Google. They are really not at par in the search business. Actually no other company except Google got hold of the nerve of internet searching.

It's hard to know which is going to give you better results ahead of time. That's why I tend to use google. I discovered this whole thing by accident.

Well, here's an anecdote: when searching for "stack overflow", the first result is more relevant on Bing than on google. So yeah, a few people will go with that one.

I interned at Microsoft so I've been using Bing since last May. Only really have issues with super obscure error messages that I encounter, since Google often indexes the source code that generates the error messages, and Bing just has nothing.

I was lured by Bing Rewards. I plan to use it as my default for a month. So far, I'm content.

I earned my $5 Amazon gift card and then switched back to google. I'm using DDG now and I'm very happy.

Some do. I prefer AltaVista myself.

The other day I used Bing to search for "C++14 ...", because Google doesn't recognize it as a search term. Though it does understand C++11.

Granted I didn't get many worthwhile hits, but I did get some. Google simply provided me with the results of "C++ 14", which is pretty useless.

Also Joel Spolsky's FB profile shows up in Social on right.

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