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Accounting for some tax breaks you could have gotten the lowest-end model for ~$50k, which, I think, is close enough. The price on their website starts at $52,400 (taking the tax break into account).

The Model S Performance starts at $87,400. However, this is a very special top-of-the-line car, comparable to an AMG or M model from Mercedes or BMW respectively. This is definitely not the average car or the average price.

Of course, just like its German rivals, the price does go up with some options. But if you just want a nice electric car, the options are, well, optional. (Although I wouldn't pass up the tech package if I could afford it :P.)

And it's not like the standard equipment is weak--the well-publicized gigantic touchscreen comes standard, for example.

Anyhow, basically you can get one for a bit over $50k; the price only goes up if you want a longer range and some nice options.

You forgot one thing. Tack on 7 years of inflation and you're at nearly 52K.

$52,000 in 2006 is worth $58,991.30 now.

$52,000 now was worth $45,658.39 in 2006.



I was using the Bureau of Labor Statistics Consumer Price Index

Not only does the cheapest Model S have half the range of the more expensive versions, apparently you won't be able to charge it at Superchargers either, and of course it's also not available yet. (Oh, and none of the prices include the home charger required to charge it in a reasonable amount of time.)

Oh, and none of the prices include the home charger required to charge it in a reasonable amount of time.

The car has a built in charger that can add 31 miles of range per hour off a standard 240V outlet. The base model has 160 miles of range, so a charge all the way from zero to full should only take a little over 5 hours. Seems reasonable enough to me.

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