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The notion that touch has/is replacing the mouse and keyboard strikes me as silly. It will supplement, not replace.

Thought experiment: I offer to replace your /WORK/ computer with an equivalent computer that has a touch screen and voice recognition. (But no physical keyboard or mouse). Do you take this offer?

I'm guessing most of you would say "no", because you'd get less work done.

I think it's telling that touch interfaces are mostly being used in consumer devices. The "consume" in "consumer" is the key hint there.

It's partly a consequence of people seeing smartphones/tablets as more intuitive and easier to use devices than traditional PCs (which they are) and imagining that the absence of a mouse/keyboard is a fundamental part of that (which is not entirely true). Mostly I think this is because people find it difficult to fully articulate all of the little reasons why mobile OSes are more usable.

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