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One thing that always surprises me is how little keyboards have changed in the past thirty years as computers became more mainstream. The majority of keyboards use cheap rubber dome keys in a horribly unergonomic setup. It's no wonder people dislike keyboards and thing of them as dated.

A personal aside — I use a Kinesis Advantage keyboard, as I have found that typing too quickly on other keyboards causes me wrist pain after a few minutes (I'm not affiliated with Kinesis or any other keyboard company for that matter.)

I don't think that keyboards will ever go away. I think that touch will complement keyboards, but will never replace them because keyboards allow you to type more quickly and efficiently and in a more comfortable fashion. Perhaps when touch technology incorporates tactile feedback (by using electrovibration [1]), there will be touch based simulacrum of keyboards. However, there will still be the problem of having "Ipad neck" when typing if the keyboard is part of the screen.

For most people voice transcription software allows them to compose documents much faster than typing. But there are many problems with voice: besides mis-transcriptions, it is very annoying to listen to someone else dictating text and to try to work at the same time. Technologies using brain currents to create text or eye blinks are still a long way from competing with keyboards as a primary input device for healthy people.


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