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resu_nimda 412 days ago | link | parent

I understand why people want to write about the death of the mouse and keyboard - it's been around unchanged for a while and tech is now a hype-based "what's next" culture - but it's always just a bunch of hand-waving and name-dropping experimental technologies.

Mouse and keyboard is dead, "cannibalized" by touch, which is now also dying? This is ridiculous. The entire world of "getting things done" on a computer - business productivity, programming, content creation, science - is still firmly entrenched in KB-mouse. Nothing has even come within a longshot of challenging that yet.

I'm sure I'm somewhat biased by interacting mostly with tech-savvy people, but even people like my mom - who loves her iPad and is right in that target demographic - still use a mouse and keyboard every day. I just don't understand how anyone can claim that we are even close to replacing those tools.

zarify 411 days ago | link

I don't think this is necessarily about replacing stuff like the keyboard and mouse though. If you look at where touch and gesture-based interfaces have really made inroads it isn't the traditional computer power-user, it's been casual use (including gaming). Just because we still have good use cases for keyboard + mouse doesn't mean the impact of good touch based displays hasn't been enormous. I don't think it's out of the question that other interfaces that overcome some of the issues with touch will come to prevalence in the near future.


JVIDEL 412 days ago | link

Indeed, in any case things like leapmotion will make certain specialized accessories like 3D-mouses obsolete, but a regular mouse? that's going to be around for ages.


serge2k 411 days ago | link

because if technology X exists someone wants to write a blog post or article about how X is dead.


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