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Most of the "post touch" technologies discussed are, in my opinion, blind alleys. Touch has supplanted the mouse -- to some extent -- because it's less abstract and more convenient than the mouse. These are big wins. (Consider the finer-grained hierarchy: touch - stylus on display - stylus on tablet - mouse). Stylus on tablet is only barely less abstract and generally more inconvenient and expensive than mouse so mouse never really got supplanted by stylus on tablet. Stylus on display has disadvantages as well as advantages over mouse, and it's even more expensive, so again it didn't reach a tipping point.

Most of these "post touch" options are even more inconvenient, more abstract, and have greater shortcomings than touch or mouse, so I don't see them replacing touch. Now if an interface technology can win across the board: more convenient, more direct/less abstract, more definite/reliable -- then it will win. But these technologies lose across the board, at least in their current state.

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