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Where did the 3D (VR) glove go? We've always had such alternative input devices, their existence doesn't mean that keyboard and touch are suddenly doomed. Keyboard and mouse are probably the main reason why PC gaming still thrives next to consoles.

The author also (mostly) missed the most promising post-touch/keyboard input device we've had lately: speech input in the form of Siri & clones, which has finally reached the masses after decades of development and use in some fields where the required extensive training of the speech recognition was feasible. It could be used more for games, in the age of MMOs, everyone is already used to shouting into their headset microphone.

I have to agree. A good 3D headset with gloves could easily replace my graphic design work. Need to type? Just use the virtual keyboard. My hand can remain lying on my armchair. Fingertips project above the keys, a little move downwards and lit up keys (and perhaps sound of keys) to provide feedback. Always felt stupid using photoshop with a mouse. Wacom is better but Virtual Reality, hell that'd be great IMO.

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