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I'm sorry, what was wrong with mouse and keyboard again?

If in any way possible, I much prefer mouse and keyboard over touch, touchscreen, or air (eyetoy, wii, kinect, etc.). It wouldn't be the first time I use my computer keyboard on my phone to be able to type decently. (USB keyboard, female usb -> male microusb converter.)

> you could easily type something different from what you actually want

Lol, talk about touchscreen, or accidentally dragging something with a mouse. GUIs aren't much better than typing commands.

> it'll be "move it where I'm thinking."

I agree with you on that. The problem is that I don't have the hardware to experiment with this (and I don't expect that I could develop anything better than other researchers are doing), so it's not possible yet. In the meantime, I prefer keyboard over everything, including mouse. The problem is that websites are optimized for mice, so many aren't very usable without. Touchscreen with a stylus is good for drawing, but that's the only application I can think of, and you might as well just use pen and paper for that.

Touch has already beaten the mouse. The majority of PCs sold (notebooks) are sold with touchpads, not miceā€¦

What do you classify as a mouse when speaking in terms of notebooks? Are you referring to the nub that say Thinkpads have? If so it all comes down to personal preference but I'd say I'm way more accurate with the nub on my Thinkpad than with the touchpad. I can move to any part of the screen faster with the nub and if for example I'm using the lasso tool in Photosohp I'm way more accurate with the nub. But maybe you're referring to something else?

I will probably continue to buy laptops with touchpads and mostly use them with a mouse.

I wouldn't want a laptop without a touchpad, that doesn't mean I want to use the touchpad most of the time.

I also hope that a touchscreen is a cheap or universal feature next time I make a purchase, because why not.

Oh crap, I just accidentally thought about deleting my document.

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