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>In my mind, it clicked that that we're always inching closer to computing being "do what I really mean."

>And here we are, not even a full year after Gabe's talk, and the first post-touch products are already landing on Planet Earth: Glass, Myo, Leap Motion, Kinect, on and on.

I don't think these devices/interfaces are really any better than touch with respect to "do what I really mean". It's still hand eye coordination at the level of our limbs and motor senses.

I think real "do what I really mean" post-touch interfaces are the ones where our minds become the actuators, instead of our limbs. Things like translating neural signals to actions. We just got the first Telepathic Mice [1], you know?

[1] http://jezebel.com/5987583/brain-implant-allows-rats-to-comm...

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