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jevinskie 498 days ago | link | parent

Any guides on making a pure "portfolio" sort of page, no blog whatsoever? All of the examples that I have seen have a blog component. I am just looking to make some basic header/nav/content/footer type templates. Thanks for your work on Pelican! I found it two days ago while looking for a static site generator and I was excited to see it mentioned in the news.

SnowLprd 498 days ago | link

That's certainly been requested and is coming in the next version, hopefully to be released sometime this month. Thanks to the hard work done by Bruno, one of the other dev team members, you will soon be able to override pages by specifying a source file and a destination URL: https://github.com/getpelican/pelican/pull/623

With this in place, you should be able to populate your site with pages (e.g., /content/pages/{index.md,about.md,portfolio.md,contact.md,etc}) without any chronological blog content.


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