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I started using pelican recently and I really enjoy static site generation. It's amazing how little needs to actually execute server side (blog content in a database?) It's also much easier to focus on writing when I don't have shiny objects distracting me.

I wish it were a more mainstream thing. It's impossible to compromise a statically generated website (discounting webserver/OS level vulnerablities). It's significantly more secure then Wordpress running tons of plugins

I was never much of a blogger but i liked tumblogs the old days.

My webspace could not run ruby so i took the approach 3 times to write a static site generator. For me, i would take that route again. I have my favourite editor to write stuff and who the hell needs a database for a blog or something small?

I use the last system i wrote still, but I take notes with it and save images to a local repository.

I'm thinking of being able to serve pages when you hit the front page of HN or Slashdot or Techcrunch. You'll probably be fine, or worst case you can put it on AWS in five minutes and have all the scalability you need.

OTOH if you have a database, scaling's going to be a pain.

It's also way faster

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