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Here's what I did on the old kernel.org:

1. I typed in www.kernel.org

2. I looked for the new kernel on the page that loaded.

3. I clicked on the link and my download started.

On the new kernel.org:

1. I type in www.kernel.org

2. I look for the new kernel on the page that loads.

3. I click on the link and my download starts.

Conclusion: Good job. You made the site look more modern without disrupting the most common workflow.

The only 2 suggestions I have are

1. The entire container for "Latest Stable Kernel" should be the hit point; yes, all of it, including those words.

2. When I hover over the tabular download links, my eye can get confused on which row I'm on. Something purely css and really subtle would alleviate that; for instance:

* changing the row background color

* changing the color of the font for the row

* prepending a UL style dot to the LHS of the row

* making the bordertop and borderbottom more distinct

* underlying or italicizing the words

* etc...

any of these things would help and I'm totally agnostic to what is done; it would be a quick fix that would really make the thing less prone to human error.

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