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Accelerate or Die Hard (kickstarter.com)
54 points by lukedeering on Mar 1, 2013 | hide | past | web | favorite | 14 comments

Not much to start for this "kick starter" it seems like they already made the product, and want money to click the print button.

Wish this was true mate! We've got a lot of publishing/editing/design work and xtra content generation to work on for this project. Still looking forward to it all though ;)

Trading off freedom for what? Money, wisdom, experience? Accelerators capitalize on the fear of failing. The key to success are pretty simple: being informed and working hard. You don't need any accelerator for that.

Valid point! To be honest, the title could have been the first paragraph, but I just saw the new Bruce Willis move and thought it gave the KickStarter title a nice KICK

I can not wait to read this book, and I think this is something that will guide all future entrepreneurs and business people.

How does this thing compare to founders at work?

Great question! So, Founders at Work is a compilation of awesome interviews with successful founders looking back at their days as a startup. Accelerate focusses on accelerator programs themselves and their graduates. We do have several founders in the book that graduated from a program several years back, but in the future we will be concentrating more on the very recent graduates. Hope this helps to answer your question. Cheers, Luke

You might also want to check out my site: Seed-DB (http://www.seed-db.com)

Also, I'm in London, too. Get in touch and we can grab a drink. :)

Grab me on twitter @luke_deering

My guess? Founders at work is largely about established firms and this book is all about startups in their startup stage.

yea, think "founders at work" but more startups, and more intense than bruce willis

I love the Start-Up Community!

rock on luke... thanks for sharing lessons learned with the startup community.

Looking forward to this!

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