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Beware of the Tricks Used By Clients To Manipulate Freelancers (smashinghub.com)
15 points by robdoherty2 1693 days ago | hide | past | web | 7 comments | favorite

As others have pointed out already, the article is perhaps not the greatest. But it is a fun short read nonetheless.

I think the section on Fear struck home the most where she wrote, "This technique is being used by every other person. The best way to get something done from other person is to from a fear in him of losing something that is very important and this is exactly what most clients or employers do. From the fear of getting fired or staying out of work, people agree with working on the terms of manipulator."

Walk away power is so vitally important either as a freelancer, agency owner, or even an employee. This is where managing personal finances and business finances to the point that you do not need their money right now is very huge.

Also interesting about this point is that it goes both ways. Often times the client needs the developer more than the developer needs the particular client. Sometimes they realize this and other times they may not. That's just all part of the big game of life, I suppose.

Not to jump on the bandwagon, but I dismissed this article a few paragraphs in. Horribly written, terrible pictures and didn't really present the information I was after.

"One way to trick freelancers with little or no time, is to write an attention-grabbing headline and follow it up with nothing. Job done..."


Oh man, those stock photos... I had to make sure I wasn't at angelfire.com.

By running over the headings while attempting to ignore the pictures, this does look like it probably has what I was hoping for -- at least some good information as a warning to newbie freelancers regarding what to watch out for when hiring clients.

However... yeah, as noted in other comments here, I can't see how anyone would get through this and take it seriously enough to let it impact their professional lives given the poor writing, editing, and the copious amount of garbage framing what might be a few good pointers.

Yeah some personal experience would benefit the article probably. Although the manipulation techniques described aren't the worst I've come across. One time a "client" said they didn't have money to pay for the done work, the guy claimed he had to sell his car to pay me.

Obviously when I refused to send the work without payment the money arrived the same day (it was a subcontracted thing, so I guess they really needed it as well).

Intriguing title, but without anecdotes the whole article feels hollow.

Ugh, the writing in this article is atrocious. Between the (low quality) stock photos, flashing ads, and poor writing, I'm wondering if this site is some sort of content farm.

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