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Why we love Twitter Bootstrap and why you should too (taskmessenger.com)
39 points by alanmeaney 1691 days ago | hide | past | web | 36 comments | favorite

"Ignore advanced web developers complaining about ‘not another Bootstrap website’" I agree. It's your customers that matter. And unless you're building a product for advanced web developers, pleasing them should be no matter to you.

I've shown Bootstrap sites to non-developers and the response is usually that the sites look nice. Never has it been "ug. boostrap?".

We run the resource page listed in the article [1] and as a result of that it is quite possible I've looked at more sites built with Bootstrap than even the creators.

From this I've really found two things:

One, I think there is some massive confirmation bias at work. If a site customizes Bootstrap and it looks nice nobody credits it as a 'Bootstrap Looking' site, so as a result it is only when the defaults are used that people really pick up on it.

Second, the alternative to a site built with Bootstrap is typically not a beautiful custom designed front end, but a pretty rough looking unstyled, inconsistent mess.

Bootstrap is the new baseline for what a website should look like, it should be customized, it can be improved but there is now zero excuse for it looking worse.

1 - http://www.bootstraphero.com/the-big-badass-list-of-twitter-...

totally agree that it should be the baseline.

I have signed up for your beta :)

Re: bootstraphero.com

Ugh. Really. Hate the fonts (Mainly the bold condensed ones). Hate the color scheme(Yellow text on a grey-green background? Seriously? It actually looks reasonable with the colors inverted[cmd-option-control-8 on OSX]). Slow to load, at least the first time. And socialist realism posters have very bad connotations, no matter how hiply ironic you find them.

Is this how you talk to people? You could have stated the same opinions without intentionally being offensive.

or just install/customize a nice theme on top and you're set.

Obviously I love bootstrap otherwise I wouldn't be building Jetstrap. But really, bootstrap is an extremely solid framework, and you can do a ton of customizations to make it look completely non-default (for example, our designer built our company site in a day with bootstrap+jetstrap which looks completely customized: http://drifty.co/).

You will implement the same structures if you don't use it, so you might as well take advantage of the framework and invest in a nice custom design.

I'm not a professional but wanted to look into bootstrap for a while. Your Jetstrap finally made me get on the bandwagon and I was able to look at the potential in a single day no less!. Thanks.

I think it would be even better if you were to showcase some example websites on your landing page. I'd wish to see what others are building with Jetstrap.

Sure, great idea. We are working on gallery/community stuff. Lots to do, very exciting :)

> "You are not a crusader for artistic and unique web design"

Thanks for reminding me of what you have no business reminding me of.

Yet another article telling me what I am, what I should and shouldn't do.

The flip side is that HTML and CSS is not rocket science. It's rewarding and valuable to build your own sites.

If your code is "untidy at best" I would recommend you find another job where you skills don't amount to "untidy". Good luck.

I love building sites too and I find it even more rewarding building on top of Bootstrap.

While it's not rocket science some of us enjoy a little help. Don't take my word as gospel, it's just an opinion.

I don't do this for a living yet but hopefully one day soon...

Fair enough. I guess I've read a few articles lately such as "stop using carousels", "do this, do that"... and your article tipped me over the edge!

If you can make a living making websites with bootstrap, that's great. Many of your clients won't even know you copied and pasted, then spent the rest of the day playing Crysis.

All these templates and frameworks however, should be tools in your shed that you choose to use or not depending on the build requirements. Relying on one tool is risky, and may prevent your skills improving in web dev in general.

Some great CDN hosted (for free) sources for twitter bootstrap files to help new users get going:

http://hostedbootstrap.com/ http://www.bootstrapcdn.com http://cdnjs.com/

Not trying to be rude, but you might wanna take a second look at the frontpage of Task Messenger – not the greatest advert for Bootstrap :)


Safari 6 on OSX by the way.

What's always surprised me is people taking the compiled CSS and working directly off of that.

I thought the whole point was that since it's LESS, you can change things up really easily.

Agreed. Most of the time you end up with a smaller file as it's easier to comment out the various modules as you're going as opposed to downloading customized builds from the website as you work.

Also, if Sass/Compass is more your cup of tea, there's a well-maintained port of Bootstrap[0].

[0]: https://github.com/jlong/sass-twitter-bootstrap

Because sometimes LESS is more (learning curve)

Easy until you try to upgrade.

It makes the upgrade process easier if you stick to only making changes in their variables.less file[0], or even better creating a copy of it and including that instead in bootstrap.less. Heck, you can even just create your own top-level myproject.less file and copy over the includes you need using bootstrap.less[1] as a template.

[0]: https://github.com/twitter/bootstrap/blob/master/less/variab...

[1]: https://github.com/twitter/bootstrap/blob/master/less/bootst...

Just import bootstrap.less into your own project's main less file and go from there.

They're awesome. It's just that their JS gives me cancer.

Too many jQuery plugins?

Aaaand they're down.

Sorry richo, trying to fix now :(

Winding a 10 day old baby and keeping a site up while on the front page of Hacker News isn't easy.

Can anyone help me keep it up?

Looks like Wordpress. If it is, use this http://wordpress.org/extend/plugins/wp-super-cache/

Edit: Also would recommend using Cloudflare.

Thanks, yes it's Wordpress. I've installed that and removed the couple of images which seems to be helping.

If you don't care about comments, it's quick and easy to host it on S3.

what do you need? pm me

Did anyone else first see this http://i.imgur.com/kglXUKw.png or this http://i.imgur.com/KxRY9Vo.png and immediately laugh out loud like I did?

lol, glad you got a laugh :)

Anyone have a mirror? Seems to be down for me.

Can I use bootstrap without jQuery?

Yes, you can use just the CSS, but all the scripts are tied to jquery ,since they are jquery plugins.

Regarding bootstrap , i'm a designer, and i dont mind people using it. The heck i used it myself.

It doesnt turn server guys them into ergonomists nor usuability specialists , but they know that their code will render well on all the browsers with virtually no test. I prefer people using bootstrap sites to coders that try to come up with their own design and just cant...

Now i design webapps and sites that need to stand out more than the basic bootstrap look but bootstrap can be a tool to work upon too.

Of course there will be a bootstrap backlash like there is a jquery backlash from javascript "purists". But these purists tend to forget what was web development before jquery or before boostrap ...

Thanks. I'm using YUI in my app right now. Adding jQuery along with Bootstrap is a huge overhead for me.

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