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Huawei Plans Firefox OS Phone (allthingsd.com)
46 points by jnazario 1607 days ago | hide | past | web | 4 comments | favorite

All depends on the carriers pushing the phone. They may say they support the device, but if they give it no visibility, no one will buy it. Even if there is visibility, the carriers need to actively sell the phone in the store. The nokia windows device is a great example of carriers taking the marketing money and not 'selling' the phone because their sales rep would rather push an Android or iPhone to you instead.

Conversely, compare that to Bada (Samsung device) which sold 20M units last year, good carrier relations go a long way.

In this respect, I don't thinik carriers care all that much about Firefox OS, sure they will support them, but they are more likely to support Tizen with their marketing dollars because - a) Previous good press from the Nokia N9 which Tizen was borne out of b) Samsung are a excellent counterweight to Apple and can supply the marketing dollars to back it c) Intel iare helping to push Tizen d) No major conflicts of interest with carriers (e.g. Microsoft own skype which is a conflict, Apple directly updates software.. something carriers don't like)

About the N9, there is almost no relationship between Meego+Maemo hybrid on N9 and Tizen, except for use of the Linux kernel, despite some claims otherwise. APIs and most of the libraries appear to be very different. For example, Qt was the primary native API the N9 but is not supported in the official SDK for Tizen. Tizen is instead supporting Bada's native APIs.

Further, the critically acclaimed UI on the N9 was a proprietary solution developed by Nokia and Tizen has a different user interface.

Right, hence why it's taken this long to get a new version up and running. Jolla (Sailfish) imost resemble Meego the most since it's virtually the same team.

The big risk that I see is that too many of the early FirefoxOS devices will be super-lowend phones which could gve it a bad reputation that has more to do with crappy hardware. Apart from the obvious handicap of launching an 1.0 product against competitors that have iterated and polished for several cycles already.

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