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On Generators (wingolog.org)
41 points by jrheard 1609 days ago | hide | past | web | 4 comments | favorite

Wow, what a terrible article.

There's zero context for what he's talking about. And he doesn't help much by going off on a million tangents and trying really hard to be cool.

And opening with "Hello! Is this dog?", a bunch of empty space, and then half a picture of an old meme is kind of dumb. I mean, I had to scroll down a screen just to find out the article was confusing and written badly.

It's a blog post, not a wikipedia article. Andy has a fairly large, already established audience, so being conversational and launching directly into a topic is fine, as is including a picture if he wants to (the white space just seems to be a formatting issue due to his skinny template). Even if you hate the image, I'm not sure why a small amount of scrolling rained on your day so much.

If you stick with the article for just a minute you get plenty of context, and if you're still confused, there are a ton of links in there to find out more. The million tangents is his usual style, and maybe not for everyone. However, the article is a comparison of specific implementations of generators (to give insight to the ES6 proposals) and a review of new iterator literature, with a bit of an introduction to them to get everyone on the same page. There are plenty of more gentle introductions to generators; this really isn't for the same audience.

I found it to be quite a good article, insightful like just about every other post he writes. This is exactly the kind of content I wish there was more of being produced. Usually you can only piece together the kind of stuff he has in his blog from random forum comments (or by reading the V8/JavaScriptCore/Guile source, in Andy's case), as you rarely get JIT compiler implementors actually blogging.

He spends the first six paragraphs giving context for the article. I agree that the picture was a bit much; the first glance at the page left a bad taste in my mouth, but I found the article pretty good overall. The PL world could do with producing some more accessible introductions to delimited continuations (among other neat research topics).

  > Wow, what a terrible article.
I found it very interesting, and certainly not terrible. And i didn't really find there to be any missing context.

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