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When things like this happen, you have to realize there is more than one 'truth'.

There is the truth that here is someone who truncated the users table and because of that it caused the company great harm.

Here's another 'truth'.

1. The company lacked backups 2. The junior developer was on a production database.

Note: I'm from the oldschool of sysops who feel that you don't give every employee the keys to your kingdom. Not every employee needs to access every server, nor do they need the passwords for such.

3. Was there a process change? I doubt it, likely they made the employee feel like a failure every day and remind him of how he can be fired at any moment. So he did the only thing he could do to escape: Quit!

Horrible and wrong, if there was a good ethics lawyer around he would say it smells ripe of a lawsuit.

... That said, that lawyer and lawsuit won't fix anything.

The problem isn't who has the keys, it's how they're used. I don't care as much if a junior developer has the prod password; I care more about building an engineering and ops team that understands that dicking around with the prod database isn't okay. Sysops and DBAs are fallible too--I've seen a lot of old school shops that relied heavily on manual migration and configuration. Automate, test, isolate and expect failure!

And, most importantly, shake off the "agile" ethos when doing DB migrations. Just forget they exist and triple-check every character you type into the console.

What, exactly, do you think the "agile" ethos is? We are agile, but that does _not_ mean that we donĀ“t triple-check everything we type into production consoles. It does, however, mean that everything we do in production has been done before in at least one test environment. Why would we want to forget about doing that?

The fact that the cheap ass idiots at the company had cancelled their backup protection at Rackspace, and lacked any other form of backup is just complete incompetence.

If it hadn't been a junior developer who nobody noticed or cared was using the prod DB for dev work, it would have been an outright failure. DBs fail, and if you don't have backups you are not doing your damn job.

The CEO should be ashamed of himself, but the lead engineers and the people at the company who were nasty to this guy should all be even more ashamed of themselves.

That's why you don't give out the keys to people that know how to act responsible.

Don't you mean that's why you don't give keys to people that do not know how to act responsibly?

Giving keys to irresponsible people seems irresponsible ;)

That's why you avoid IT like the plague and use Heroku, that why when someone Fubar's you can blame it on amazon web services :) j/k

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