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Reproducing the Macintosh Boot Beep from JavaScript Cloud Code (parse.com)
33 points by gfosco 1784 days ago | hide | past | web | favorite | 5 comments

Realizing that I had no recollection of this beep, I started doing some research on the history of the startup chime, and discovered Mactracker. It can reproduce all of them: Just click on the icon for the model. A really nifty free app for Mac nostalgia.


I think I like the Quadra 660AV the best.

Really interesting about this to me was the audio sample rate of the original Mac line, and especially the unusual refresh rate — I would have expected a straight 60hz refresh due to US wall current, and 22050Hz audio. Missing from this reconstructed sound is the satisfying click of the power switch and the brief pre-sound of the circuits springing to life just before the beep (and of course, the quality of the tiny, tinny, speaker itself). Happy memories!

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There's a really awesome documentary about early Macs that has a whole section dedicated to the guys who built the beep. IRC it was called "Cult of Mac" or something. I will google it when I get off the shit can. TMI? Too bad.

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