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Indeed. If it had been a sporadic hardware failure, they would have been exactly as screwed. The fact that they gave an overworked junior dev direct read/write access to the production database is astounding.

It's not that they gave him r/w at all that's so criminally stupid. It's that the required him to clear a table manually, using generic full access tools, over and over.

In reality, this should have been re-factored to the dev db.

If it couldn't be, the junior dev should have been given access to the raids table alone for writes.

Lastly the developer who didn't back up this table is the MOST to blame. Money was paid for the state in that table. That means people TRUST you to keep it safe.

I count tons of people to blame here. I don't really see the junior dev as one of them.

Yeah I think him manually clearing a table over and over again was the big problem here. The amount of entropy that had to be introduced into the process to turn a routine task into millions of dollars of loss was tiny. He just needed to click in a slightly different spot on the webpage to bring up USERS instead of RAIDS.

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