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Q&A with Alexis Ohanian – March 1 (generalassemb.ly)
15 points by nbashaw 1608 days ago | hide | past | web | 5 comments | favorite

Creating a community around an app is very difficult. Getting traction and sustaining is numero uno on gaining "success". Looking forward to what Alexis has to say!

How is a Q&A with Alexis Ohanian considered an online class? I feel like this whole MOOC thing is going a bit off the edge haha

It's open to the masses and online. It may not be the traditional style of a course in which you're assigned homework and have exams, but it seems to qualify for the loose definition of a MOOC. I love that you can ask him questions in real time and he's readily available here! Saves so much effort on my behalf to get to know him.

It's a livestream, so folks who attend will be able to ask questions and interact with him.

Why didn't they just call it a livestream then!?

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