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ForgeJS launches first full stack JavaScript development school in Seattle (forgejs.com)
15 points by eastridge 1605 days ago | hide | past | web | 8 comments | favorite

This is an interesting take on "full stack" JavaScript:

* Advanced JS (core JS concepts I'm sure) * Node.js (server-side) * Backbone (client-side)

Are there any other organizations focusing on this kind of training? The closest I could find was Bocoup[1], which is based in Boston. Most others bootcamps tend to be focused on Rails.

[1] http://training.bocoup.com

http://hackreactor.com (sf)

I'm a founder, ask me anything!

Site looks pretty, but is this the 1st time you are offering this class? Feedback about content quality and from past attendees would be helpful. I've been burned in the past in SF at Codeacademy where they promised the moon and delivered little.

Also, is $ 550 for just 1 weekend, or for all 3? And the duration? from when to when on each day?

Thank you. ~Preem

Hi Preem, this is Ryan one of the mentors at Forge. $550 is just for one weekend. This is our first go round at the workshops in this format. I've taught similar material internally for some corporations and Colin (my primary collaborator on this project) has been teaching JS for several years full time. We aren't totally green but this is a new venture.

What specific workshop or class did you feel you got burned on? I wasn't aware Codecademy offered offline courses.

~ Ryan

I went looking for the same info. There are details about the hours in the right-hand sidebar once you click into the information for an individual class (e.g. http://forgejs.com/advanced-js.html).

It appears that the $550 is for a single weekend, which seems pretty reasonable compared to classes at Bocoup.

Good to see this sort of thing picking up in Seattle. The Hub is a great space (of which we're members). To anyone going to these, ping me (contact info in profile), and your first beer is on TryPaper (we have nothing to do with this event but love meeting fellow hackers!)

I thought the hub was a questionable name. I think most people think of the Husky Union Building when they hear hub.

If you're from the area I could see that. I'm pretty confident the Hub Seattle is part of a larger network: http://www.the-hub.net/

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