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Show HN: Nice Nice JPG (nicenicejpg.com)
55 points by timboisvert 1608 days ago | hide | past | web | 31 comments | favorite

Today we launched Nice Nice JPG, a Vanilla Ice image placeholder service. I've been a dedicated Placekitten user for years but wanted an excuse to write my own, and I had that stack of Vanilla Ice pics filling my hard drive, so it seemed like a good choice. In the end, though, this really was/is an exercise to prove out the value of Amazon's new OpsWorks service in our development shop. Initial thoughts are VERY positive: it sits nicely between the type of experience you'd have on Heroku and the full hosted or EC2 experience. You get some control, but not too much. We'll be deploying our next major content platform on OpsWorks for sure.

So... check out NiceNiceJPG (http://nicenicejpg.com) and check out AWS OpsWorks (https://aws.amazon.com/about-aws/whats-new/2013/02/18/announ...).

This site flows like a harpoon. Will it ever stop?

Edit: Really? People are moderating this comment down? Why are you even looking at this thread if you have no sense of humor? What a bunch of joyless assholes.

Yo, I don't know.

Turn off the lights and I'll glow.

"stack of Vanilla Ice pics filling my hard drive"

A problem surely we've all encountered at some point of another.

Good, now stop, collaborate and listen :)


Don't forget to always check your user input.

Gah. Thanks. I was checking the upper bounds but spaced the lower-bound 0 case. Fix is on its way up.

This absolutely and completely made my day. Thank you.

What is the licensing information for these pictures?

This is awesome.

Site is ... hackernewsed?

Nah, It's an OpsWorks bug. Back up and running now, though.

update your about tim :P


Wow, it was easier than I thought to make you do things.

Is your CPU a 'learning computer'? I gotta test this out:

Tim, buy me a beer. :P

Isn't the point to solve a pain, not create one?

What does this offer that https://imgix.com doesn't?

Assuming that imgix doesn't have any Vanilla Ice and 90's era Mustang photos, then this offers infinity percent more Vanilla Ice and 90's era Mustang photos.

Infinity * 0 = 0 bro. So clearly it offers zero more percent Vanilla Ice and 90's era Mustang photos.

Actually, ∞ ⋅ 0 is undefined.

Sorry, let me phrase it differently.

lim(x → ∞)

x ⋅ 0 = 0

That's an entirely unrelated tool. This is for placeholder images- visual lorem ipsum. Similar tools are http://placekitten.com/ http://lorempixel.com/ and http://placehold.it/

Woah, easy folks. Completely confused about what the app was. Thought it was similar to Imgix.

Ease up a bit ;)

I'm puzzled as to what imgix actually is... And this is after reading their about page.

Did you even go to the site? I don't see how this is really even that similar. I don't know if I just don't understand what imgix.com does, but the site featured here is an image placeholding service that puts pictures of Vanilla Ice

Done imgix.com have Vanilla Ice pics? If not, the answer is clear. :D

Ice Ice Baby.

Eh, corrected link: http://www.imgix.com/

Vanilla Ice? Not having to provide your own photos? No "pricing"?


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