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JavaScript Mortal Kombat multiplayer game (mgechev.com)
38 points by angelinaii on Feb 27, 2013 | hide | past | favorite | 7 comments

I couldn't get the special moves working. Anyone else have any luck? If my memory is still correct (and hundreds of hours of gametime means it probably is), Away->Down->Towards->High Punch is Sub-Zero's freeze.

There are no assets(images) for any special moves in the source so my guess is that they are simply not implemented.


Not bad, but the controls are a bit funny. It assumes you have an American keyboard and we couldn't do the special moves. Looks cool though, nice job.

You have the controls listed incorrectly for player 1(H should be down):

G - left, J - right, G - down, Y up

Configurable keys are a must here. Your keymap breaks my muscle memory from 20 years ago

Took me awhile to realize I was playing with myself. And no that's not an innuendo.

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