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(1) use public email account to buy domain + hosted debian box

(2) set up mail server, create account(s)

(3) reset public email account with domain registrar + hosting facility to newly set-up email addresses

(4) kill public email account

You only need one for a very short while to bootstrap your own email server, you don't need it forever.

You're missing his point...

But I'll bite, if your mail server goes down - and it will - you now have no email. You can't email your hosting support. You try to log in to your host control panel to do a reboot or raise a ticket but forgot your password. You can't get the reset email. Somehow you manage to login and raise a ticket but won't get any email notifications when the technician responds asking for your server id number...

Get a VPS from another provider (e.g. EC2), restore system from backups, update MX records.

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