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Ask HN: What are some other inspiring CS YouTube videos?
2 points by pedrogrande 1550 days ago | hide | past | web | 4 comments | favorite
Hi there I'm the instructor for Sydney Dev Camp which is aimed at beginner programmers.

I love the http://www.code.org video and will definitely be showing it my students on the first day of class.

Does anyone know of any other similar type of videos on YouTube or elsewhere? It would be good to have a few of these up my sleeve to show throughout the programme.


The most inspiring of all programming videos would be this one by Bret Victor. The talk is called 'Inventing on principle' and changed my perception of how I think about and create software forever


Wow - that's amazing! Thanks for sharing that.

I found it very inspiring and has given me so many ideas already.

This was amazing. Thanks for that.

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