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First time I learned about gluten or gluten-free diet was when I researched links between ADHD and food, and didn't give it much thought.

Then I read on HN about Taubes and then keto, which led me to /r/keto and I tried it for fun (for science !) for two months (I don't need to lose weight). I did feel A LOT better and lost 2 Kg (which isn't much but I'm 1m76 for 62 Kg).

Improvements were : - no more sleepiness during the day. I had suffered about this since forever. - less headaches (and nauseas). - less belly bloating (I always thought it was normal) - (slightly) better sleep.

Since then I eat an egg & bacon for breakfast, and eat a lot less bread and pasta (and carbs). I miss baguette (I'm French) but I feel great overall.

I guess it's just +1 for anecdotal evidence ! :)

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