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What is the Best Programming Text Editor? (slant.co)
18 points by shawndumas 1608 days ago | hide | past | web | 33 comments | favorite

The fact that Sublime Text 2 is the most upvoted and Emacs only got 2 Votes is baffling.

You just pointed out a really important problem with the way voting is currently done (we are fixing this asap). Emacs was added after Sublime, so it had less time to get votes. We are going to be doing some clever ways to reset the graphs soon.

Emacs has the default screen instead of a screen with code (nicely highlighted) like the others. Also, it has the smallest image. Even the f'ing icon for sublime text is larger. Please be consistent.

Hey mate, yep it's totally not optimal. I'm going to fix this the moment I can.

Huh. Shocked that the install numbers for vim-nox are so low. That's always been my goto package.

Hey guys, one of the Slant founders here. I'll be the first to admit that this topic isn't the greatest.. We are just getting started and have a few issues we are working on. Please judge us on some of our better topics such as: http://slant.co/topics/what-is-the-best-search-engine-for-we...


Maybe it's just my phone (I have a Lumia and am not in a place right now to ask for someone else's phone to repro on another platform) , but it seems that the mobile site could use a slight improvement. It's a gorgeous page, but if I want to make multiple comparisons I have to scroll up to the top... Maybe some nav buttons can appear at the bottom? Or at least an anchor link to get back to the top?

Hey mate, our mobile site could, ah, use a little work. We are using the same html as the primary site and just using media queries and hiding elements to make it at least bearable. Can't wait to have the time to do a proper job!

Please add title attributes to icons, like the suggest edit icon and the comment icon. It's not clear what the suggest edit pencil icon does until you click it.

Ah good idea. Will be done tomorrow :)

Was it your goal to allow people to make multiple votes? It allowed me to vote for both emacs and vim

Well some topics are along the lines of "What are your favorite plugins" which make sense to vote multiple times. Do you think people would usually vote for multiple things in the emacs vs VIM style questions?

Shouldn't Notepad++ be on this list?

Yes. And you should add it.

What's the best programming text editor? The one that makes you the most productive.

So Vim it is.

Anything that is entirely keyboard based and yet feature rich gets my vote (emacs, vim)

Nice. Statistics about users of which editor have slant or facebook accounts.

I have a Facebook account. Not going to add this page just so I can give emacs another vote.

Exactly my thoughts, sigh.

The answer is Pico (because it has instructions at the bottom).

I prefer ed. It doesn't waste precious bandwidth with error messages or instructions.

the "vim" entry contains too many "I"'s and "me"'s. Which is fine for a site that values 'opinion', but I am wary of accepting opinions from what looks to be an anonymous source.

Something objective like this seems far more appealing: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Comparison_of_text_editors

To be honest that topic is in need of a lot of improvement. We do "objective" viewpoints well when the topic has matured, for example: http://slant.co/topics/what-is-the-best-search-engine-for-we...

We are also building a comparison matrix feature soon that will show something similar to your link. Also we are going to be working a lot on transparency around who contributed. Give us a couple months and I hope we can help you research subjective things "objectively"

you call something with a total of 21 votes a "mature topic"? :)

Haha well I guess not, but the content is pretty good.

Check out the screenshot and tell me it's not sexy!



My vote for QtCreator when possible.

And then, vim.

No TextWrangler?!

feel free to add it :)

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