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iCloud's free* now, actually. It became a free service when they transitioned away from the MobileMe branding.

* You need a Mac or iOS device to join, though. And you can pay for additional storage if you want ($20, $40, or $100 per year), but that's not necessary.

Free for a year. If you register it from an iDevice or some hardware bought from Apple.

And then next year to keep iCloud "free", you need to buy more overpriced goods from Apple.

Oh OK. Hey, just out of curiosity, could you link me to the page that lists the iCloud pricing scheme?

Well. What do you know? Maybe they've actually, for once in their lives, created a product not exclusively designed to suck money out of your wallet. (1)

Must have been a pretty recent change though.

(1) http://support.apple.com/kb/ht4874

I think you've lost your credibility on Apple's design goals, sorry.

100% false. Always free unless you pay for additional storage.

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