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>While we're keeping history in context, let's also not forget this is also the company that was borderline irrelevant prior to their current direction.

You're retconning. Apple hasn't been 'borderline irrelevant' since before they launched the iPod in 2001. There's a six year gap there in between the iPod and the iPhone, and imho they didn't really change their direction until 2010 or 2011, with the release of OSX Lion, neglect of the Mac Pro, and the killing off of the 17" MBP.

No one bought the iPod until about 2004, when they started selling them for PCs.


I partially agree with you, but I'd like to point out that, from some points of view, launching the iPod was Apple's first step in their current direction.

I would venture to say that launching the iMac was turning point A, the iPod was turning point B, and the iPhone was turning point C.

The TiBook was also quite nice, though I wouldn't call it as significant as the iMac in pushing Apple toward stylish and well designed consumer devices.

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