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Can you point out an OS that did not come with a terminal app standard?

Mac OS, prior to Mac OS X.

That was when Mac users used to mock Windows for being a GUI perched on top of a character-based operating system.

They generally dropped that line when Mac OS X became a GUI perched on top of a character-based operating system.

Oddly, Mac users have also stopped mocking Windows users for having Intel processors, for not using SCSI and whatever else made Macs special before they turned into a variant of Windows PCs.... ;-)

Every OS has chauvinistic users, but there's nothing to be gained by trotting them out for strawman arguments.

Sense of humor failure?

I don't think so. I just believe, from long observation, that this line of thinking goes nowhere, but generates a lot of words on the way. (e.g., look around this thread ;-)

No, this is HN, where you have to be careful with your Godwin's Law. Particularly when it comes to humor wrapping a weak point.

Pah. I'm old enough to remember DOS users mocking mac users for using GUIs and mice.

I've heard tales of woe from old geezers of having to toggle their pdp8 bootloader in with panel-switches, in the snow, uphill, both ways. In a related matter, I have it on good authority that this very website runs on a computer only slightly more modern than the pdp8. http://news.ycombinator.com/item?id=5229488

Thanks for posting that, I hadn't seen that thread... Best pg response ever :-)

Actually, some DOS users would mock Windows users for the same reason... ;-)

Pours out a beer for PowerPlant.

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