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> It's easy to temporarily disable Gatekeeper, install what you want, and then turn it back on.

Please don't. Just right click and choose open. You will be able to open it, and whitelist the app in the process.

Why should I choose that over disabling Gatekeeper? Your way adds more steps but is not any safer for me.

If you forget to re-enable Gatekeeper, you're hosed. That's the big one - security-related process/workflow should be as idiotproof as possible.

> If you forget to re-enable Gatekeeper, you're hosed

Let's not exaggerate. Everyone got by perfectly well for years and years just using common sense about what to install. Gatekeeper is a welcome layer of defense but I doubt many experienced users would be "hosed" without it.

I deliberately never reenabled it. I've yet to be "hosed". What are you so afraid of?

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