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Because they feel (rightly or wrongly) that they can practically provide a better, more secure, etc. experience for their customers by controlling/curating what executes on their devices.

Right. So it obviously stands to reason that they might think that's true for the email services too.

It really doesn't.

It is illogical to block just this phrase and not the many others that would be far worse.

What makes you think they're not blocking other phrases?

The security implications of only allowing codesigned code to execute is completely divorced from the decision to control what content is allowed on Apple's storefront. The former limits what's on your phone, but does not make any judgement about the content. The latter makes a judgement about the content, but doesn't limit what you can run on your phone if you can find some other avenue to run stuff (e.g. self-signed with a dev cert, or web apps).

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