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Ask HN: how to raise £600 by the end of the week freelancing?
17 points by clamattack 1523 days ago | hide | past | web | 9 comments | favorite
Hi all! I'm in a bit of a pickle right now as a client has again delayed payment for work that occupied my last few months and my rent is due by Friday! I've tried vworker/freelancer.com but either the projects are too onerous for the pittance offered - or the work is too long term to help. Rather than the usual suspects for offshore dev shops, I'm hoping there's something I'm not aware of.

Do you know of anywhere a UK based developer can find quick projects to get this money together? I'm a very experienced PHP developer and I can design too.


You'd probably have more luck finding work at meetup. There's an HN Meetup in London tomorrow. http://bit.ly/YzG6eN

That's not a bad idea but I'm based further north and getting to London would be too expensive for this month.

It could be tough to get some tech gig within such a short time, that too for that much amount. I can think of only the following options. - Try to contact any training institutes near you where you could quickly give PHP lessons. - Try subletting your place and get some cash in hand. - At the same time, try to find some online work. - Find some part time work - non-tech related or even manual work.

Wish you good luck

Could you get a bank loan to cover it?

You are a business, presumably with a track record of getting paid, so if you don't already have a loan, that could be a good option. Even the fact you haven't been paid for a while shouldn't create too much of a problem if you explain the situation (that you have been working), and e.g. produce a contract.

I just got done reading this thread: http://news.ycombinator.com/item?id=4585435

One of the things people suggested was contacting every web/dev shop around you. The good ones usually have more work than they can handle.

It's Tuesday now. So you need $785usd by Friday... Hmm, I have a web application that needs work done but I'm not sure I have enough projects specc'd out to occupy that much time.

If you like, my email is in my profile and we can talk it over? I am hesitant to use this as a plea for work off HN - don't want to abuse the community and all but I won't turn things away :)

I emailed tclamattack about this posting inquiring about him doing some work and he seems pretty on the level.

To do some promotion for him, here's his company page: http://pitbot.net.

Do you have a resume/portfolio?

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