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Tell HN: Django/Python engineer looking for internship in USA
7 points by phalt 1693 days ago | hide | past | web | 3 comments | favorite
Hey Hacker News, I'm soon to be graduating with a degree in Computer Science from Plymouth University, UK.

I've always dreamed of working in a fast, exciting tech start up in the USA and I've been working hard the past few months to find potential companies that would take me on as an intern with a J-1 visa (http://j1visa.state.gov/)

I'm an passionate and ambitious engineer with a love for producing robust software.

Check out my details here:

Resume - http://bit.ly/phresume

Twitter - http://twitter.com/phalt_

Github - http://github.com/phalt

email - hello@phalt.co

If you're part of, or know a company that is looking for interns who would like to help me achieve my dream, get in touch with me at hello@phalt.co

I'm available for work as soon as I graduate (June 2013) and I'm also visiting the US for 3 months after that to help me in my search.

Anyone who has achieved this before, can you give us some helpful tips on finding internships and the entire process? I've read as much as I can but so far I've yet to hear from anyone who has actually done it. I'm sure there are others who'd benefit from it too.


Good for you for reaching out.

As a hiring manager, I'd suggest changes to your marketing. A better title might be "Tell HN: Django/Python engineer looking for internship in USA" (I would have clicked faster). Also, link to your GitHub and blog and twitter here, too, so I don't have to dig for them.

Good luck!

Thanks for the advise, I'll update the post!

your resume has an extra page in it. I'd 86 that.

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