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Notorious hacker Sabu has to help the FBI for another six months (arstechnica.com)
38 points by Parseco 1606 days ago | hide | past | web | 16 comments | favorite

I think saying "has to" is far too charitable. In the US you can't be compelled to actively assist an investigation. Hector is now nothing more than a professional snitch - he has voluntarily spent more time actively working to put kids in jail than he spent "working against the man" in anon/lulz/anti efforts combined.

The work he's doing now doesn't even relate to the activities he participated in since those bridges are long ago burned. These days the feebs are providing him with lists of infosec folks they haven't been able to get anything on who he then tries to befriend and then encourages them to commit crimes that he suggests.

Quite the committed activist.

He is actually a cracker I think.

I doubt you're going to win this war Not that it makes you any less right, though

That shipped sailed 15 years ago, time to move on.

Con man would be more fitting. How many of his "hacks" involved social engineering?

I doubt he's above entrapping innocent people either, if he thinks it will get him less time.

Let's leave race out of this.

Kindly stop making comments like these or go back to Reddit.

Is humor not allowed on HN?

There is a tradition of keeping discussions on-topic or at least insightful. Off-the-cuff humourous comments are not really suited for a site like this. There are myraid places where that kind of expression is the norm already. This brings the benefit of increasing the quality of the discussion and results in there being less irrelevant text to sift through.

Just ignore comments you don't like or down vote them. By engaging you create more "irrelevant text".

You can't downvote here. This is not SE.

You can if you've got sufficient karma.

I'm sorry you didn't like my comment. I'll try better next time.

The comment was no more stupid then the parent comment. Now it is followed by your stupid comment. That the root of that tree has spawned so many stupid comments is a sign of its own stupidity.

You mean that my comment was stupid?

Everything about that letter seems kind of creepy. "Pursuant to his cooperation agreement" ... which expires when? When the FBI decides they don't need him anymore?

That kind of wording makes it sound like they could, in effect, postpone it forever.

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