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"..most of the programmers I socialise with tend to see comments as a bad smell.."

I think it really depends on the language and context. Most of my development these days is native iOS on the client side, and Node.js via CoffeeScript on the server. The more verbose a language or API is, the more self-documenting it is. On the other hand, the more concise a language is, the more documentation it requires. I find that I need very little documentation to write maintainable Cocoa code. CoffeeScript is different story though. I can come back to 3-4 month old CoffeeScript code and have difficulty remembering what it did. It needs more documentation to have the same readability as my Cocoa code. Not just the why, but also the how. Literal CoffeeScript seems to be a great solution to this problem. I can't wait to use it. Thanks jashkenas!

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