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>why in the world would you want to spend 2 hours trying to figure it out yourself?

I am sure a large portion of HN-ers (myself included) enjoy doing exactly that. I want to spend my day solving problems, not googling shit.

You want to spend your day solving problems. OK cool. Which ones? All of them?

In terms of work efficiency, you generally want to focus quite tightly on a specific part of the solution space. The part which adds value and is novel or advances the state of the art.

Everything else is fodder for judicious library use, outsourcing to third-party services, and occasionally recipes or gists.

Google is just the user-interface for code re-use in 2013.

On the other hand, recreationally, why yes I do enjoy inventing a better wheel from time to time :)

Doing that occasionally between projects, or regularly on your own time (a.k.a. sharpening your saw) is essential to improving as a programmer

But in the context of programming as a job (which is the topic of the post), if one repeatedly spends hours solving already solved problems simply because "one enjoys it", it's a waste of the team's time.

[using old-fashioned "one" here instead of "you" not to make it personal]

I agree, the pleasure is arriving at the solution yourself. That's why CS is so appealing to so many people. It's fun and when you correctly solve a tough technical problem you feel great.

This is fine for your own projects, but not on my time. I would expect you to look for an existing solution before writing something from scratch.

I'm glad I finally saw someone say this. It seems like we're a dying breed: those of us who got into CS for the sheer enjoyment of solving problems. Making fancy things happen on the screen is simply a positive side effect for us. I abhor that development these days is 90% Googling shit and 10% actual creativity. I go out of my way to keep my day job interesting.

Google is one of many tools that can be used to solve problems. IMO it's generally one of the more efficient ones.

> Excluding for fun and educational purposes

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