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Anyone that has worked in the Valley that knows ex-Yahoos have heard crazy, crazy stories of what it was like. I remember hearing a story about an employee who worked there who wanted to quit to do a startup. Her manager panicked, saying, "you can't leave. If you leave, we will lose the headcount because we won't be able to backfill it fast enough." So what happened? The manager made an off-the-books agreement with the person for her to "work from home" for a few more months while the manager scrambled to backfill, still collecting a salary, while doing absolutely nothing at all. I never followed up to see what came out of this. I probably should.

Contrary to the flame-baiting you might see, Marissa is making some progress in turning Yahoo back into a desirable place to work again. I'm hearing from good engineers I know at respectable companies that have either considered it after talking to recruiters or have actually accepted offers. I suspect there is some method to the madness around the remote working policy - we'll just have to see over the long run what shakes out of it.

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