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In other news: Emacs is better than Vim and static typing is better than dynamic typing.

What I'm trying to say is that discussion about comments in code is useless unless it's based on real code - and then it's still largely a matter of one's habits and expectations. In case of your post here, for example, I can already see that we are talking about different things and that we have very different ways of working with code. To convince you that good comments are good I'd have to first explain to you how I work with code already written, then how I write code, then how I write comments and then define what a "good" comment is. I'm positive that I would succeed, however I have no time now to attempt this and you're probably not that interested either.

Anyway, I'm much more productive when working with heavily commented (with good comments) code. I don't like the loss of productivity I see when working with code without comments. It's entirely possible that you're working in a way that doesn't benefit from comments, and it's nothing bad in itself, but you shouldn't use this as an argument against comments in code.

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