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Emmet (formerly Zen Coding) v1.0 is out (emmet.io)
57 points by itsybaev 1610 days ago | hide | past | web | 22 comments | favorite

Wow, I love the documentation. It's nice to see a tool with such an amazing docs. Can clearly see you spent equal amount time there as you did writing the actual software. Great work!

None of my favorite editors are supported, Vim and Gedit. Seems like I'm stuck with the old Zen Coding...

Anyone know why the name was changed? Trademark issues or something like that?

> "It was a “political” decision to change project name and I don’t want to talk about it right now. Maybe I’ll blog about it some day. But there was another reason to change the name: I plan to use “Emmet” brand name for other developer products, and they will have nothing with “coding” (so Zen Coding was a bit restrictive name)."


Never seen any more fleshed-out explanation of the rename. The linked post pretty much repeats the final phrase:

> At first, the project name has been changed. “Emmet” is gonna be brand name for new tools and not all of them will be related to “coding”.

Emmet name doesnt talk to me , zen coding i immediatly understand what it's all about. Why not just keep the former name ? I mean ,zen coding is a concept more than a product. You dont put a brand on a concept.

> Why not just keep the former name ?

I've quoted the only "explanations" I know of, as I wrote I don't know of any other. If you want more info, but the developer.

I agree. If I was given just the name I could make a pretty decent prediction what Zen Coding would do... But Emmet, not so much.

No official Vim plugin makes me kind of not want to use this.

> The plugins for these editors are developed by third-party developers. May not support all Emmet features and actions.

Yeah, I'll pass.

I think I will keep calling this Zen Coding for as long as I can.

Emmet sounds like something I don't care about.

Remember to donate as well. :)


where is vim support? :(

This is ZenCoding, not Emmet.

Hmm, seems like it supports both:

zencoding-vim is vim script support for expanding abbreviation like zen-coding(emmet).

Skimming through the zencoding.vim issue tracker it looks like the author as introduced a bunch of Emmet-isms but not everything.

in fact, it would be much much better if there is official support for vim i think.

Thank you very much.

emacs? No?

Isn't it a bit aged? Do it have all the new features? I don't think it support CSS abbreviations. I wish someone maintain the new and updated emmet/zen-coding for Emacs.

It's about a year old but still very dependable. I still use it daily. For what it's worth, Emmet is too bulky. Can you really remember all the things on the cheatsheet without looking them up? I don't think so. Zen Coding is just big enough that I can fit everything inside my head, so I'll stick to it.

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