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Books from the Soviet era (mirtitles.org)
42 points by alter8 1610 days ago | hide | past | web | 13 comments | favorite

What a gem! What a discovery this site has been for me......

To the OP: You have my eternal thanks! They bring back mixed memories... The unblemished joy of returning back to childhood/youth and the absolute white-knuckle terror at the inability to solve many of the problems and getting reprimanded....

I am going to have sweet dreams and nightmares tonight - I am sure that would be possible, now that I have seen these familiar titles....

Thank you again, OP :-)

[I know this is all against HN guidelines, but please let go this one time]

Ha! Looks like we had a similar childhood. Especially solving problems by I.E.Irodov. Thanks OP!

Here's a link to all their titles on TPB:


Thanks :-)

This is the first time I see moderation adding to the title instead of subtracting or replacing it. But in the way it is titled now, they made it look like I meant to submit the latest post and haven't put the permalink by mistake.

I'm quite late for this, but anyway. To whoever has put the original title back, thank you.

Excellent collection. Demidovich, Bronshtein, ... I still have nightmares even in my late 40s....

I know...! Tell me about it :-)

Heh. What about the original Russian ones? I still have several.

Or, say, about the ones translated into Russian from English (and other languages)? They were very useful for my studies of computer science.

Anyone has any guesses what would be the equivalent font to be used today if typesetting books like this?

One guess would be Century Schoolbook which would be close to the original. Any others?

I had the physics book: General Physics – Landau, Akhiezer, Lifshitz

What's the copyright status of these books?

Demidovich is the hard stuff!

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