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Show HN: Live London bus departures from multiple stops (danieljanus.pl)
32 points by nathell 1610 days ago | hide | past | web | 10 comments | favorite

Nice work. I made a Ruby Gem for querying the TFL bus API: https://github.com/stevegraham/boris

It has a CLI so I can type `boris 51889` to see the status of my local bus stop.

I'm going to add Core Location to it so one doesn't need to enter a bus stop code, instead it will just return the status of the nearest stops.

I like the name!

This is nice. My ambient solution is a model bus: http://blog.jgc.org/2012/03/ambient-bus-arrival-monitor-from...

Awesome! I was actually thinking of something like this but have two left hands when it comes to electronics.

This one is an attempt to mimic the on-stop display with no distractions and supporting multiple stops. A 15-minute hack, really.

Neat. I hacked together one for DC's buses a while back. It uses the HTML5 Geolocation API to find stops near your current location. Unfortunately that's currently the only way to use it: http://www.dcbusinfo.com/ (so it ain't gonna do much if you're not in the Greater DC Metro area)

One of these days I'll add the ability to search by address, landmark, or Stop ID.

Some ideas for improving the usability:

Add a search feature for stops. Results for stops include a link to add the stop to their list of stops.

When a user is done adding stops, they hit a submit button that generates the query string, appends it to the URL and navigates to that page.

Nice work. I'd like to see more projects around public data. Especially as mashups could potentially add much benefit on a otherwise narrow source.

Also kudos to TfL for providing that data. Back in Germany it's very hard to come by such sources.

Could someone hack one of these up for San Francisco (Muni and BART)? Or is there already one? I use 511.org but it's not great.

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