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Don’t call it a comeback (working remotely) (justinjackson.ca)
6 points by mijustin on Feb 24, 2013 | hide | past | favorite | 4 comments

Those dudes over at Modern Tribe have been making a virtue of this for years. http://tri.be

I hadn't heard of Modern Tribe before. I like the concept. It's clear that the remote work paradigm can work for small companies. What we need are more examples from large companies (like HP and IBM) to show that it can be done.

One thing that's been mentioned quite a bit: working from home has a lot of challenges (kids, distractions, no social involvement).

However Remote Work doesn't necessarily mean "you must work from home". In a progressive company, I think it means: "work wherever you do your best work."

This is fairly key. Alot of people think in a home-centric fashion when you mention remote work and mis the crux of remote work, that you are in fact working remotely with regards to the (main) office/hq/etc.

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